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The mobile game advertising market is expected to surpass $10 Billion USD in 2020. However, the mobile game advertising market has critical inefficiencies. Game companies’ advertising costs are being wasted by excessive middleman costs, non-targeted ads, and advertisment frauds. Furthermore, due to rapid increase in the number of users using ad blocking apps, delivering mobile game advertisments is becoming increasingly difficult.
Gamers are looking for new games to play, and game companies want to acquire new gamers. The link connecting these two needs is data. If data can be used properly, then revolutionary game advertising that directly connects gamers and game companies becomes possible.

Gamer data
Nationality, Gender, Age, Preferred genre, Number of installed games, Game switching cycle, Device information

Game data
Number of users, Run time, Number of executions, Game lifespan, Cross play game, Path between games

Mithril is a decentralized advertising platform based on game data that directly connects game companies and gamers. Gamers voluntarily share game data and receive Mithril Tokens in return. Game companies use this game data to advertise to their target gamers with accuracy at a reasonable price.
MITHRIL PLAY is an app for gamers that measures gameplay data and provides Mithril Tokens as compensation. MITHRIL PLAY plays the role of a gamer’s CV. Through their game experiences recorded in Mithril, gamers can prove their worth as gamers and receive special invitations from game companies.
MITHRIL AD-CONSOLE is an advertising tool that provides audience targeting. Game companies can use the MITHRIL AD-CONSOLE to register advertising campaigns for the easy invitation of MITHRIL PLAY users.
Data intelligence
Preservation of Value
No More Fees

Data from verified gamers of the Mithril community is encrypted and recorded in the blockchain in an unalterable manner. Furthermore, compensations and transactions within the platform are conducted in a transparent manner through blockchain smart contracts. Mithril tokens, a type of cryptocurrency, are used as the transaction method between Mithril platform participants.

Mithril obtains Big Data from the largest mobile games in the world. By using AI on data analysis and study, Mithril extracts data such as a gamer’s tendencies, prediction of churning users, and competing games. By using this data, game companies can nominate the ideal target gamer that they want to acquire.

When gamers start a new game, the time and effort they had invested in the previous games nullify. A gamer’s data is a record of their time investments. Mithril Play preserves this data and provides compensations to play an important role in easing the sense of loss felt by gamers.

The transaction fee for blockchains is a big burden for users. The Mithril platform does not impose a blockchain transaction fee on participants. To do so, an EOS blockchain is used and the Mithril platform itself takes on the burden of the transaction fees.

Value proposition
Exchange token into cash, purchase game items
Accurate ad results based on game play
Accurate targets, highly effective advertisements
Provide data for tokens
As data accumulates, more invitations from game companies
No more middleman, 30% cost reduction
Game company
Mithril Economy Ecosystem
Mithril is creating a data sharing economy with over 2 billion mobile gamers worldwide. Mithril obtains Big Data on games by compensating gamers for their data with tokens. The data is used to create advertisement profits for the platform, and the platform’s profits are shared with those- the gamers- who create the value. Mithril Tokens (MTR), as the platform’s currency, not only allows value to be transferred, but also plays an important role in providing motivation for the gamers.
Early investors
2017. Q2
  • Mithril team building
  • Mithril concept established
2017. Q4
  • EOS commander release
2018. Q1
  • White Paper Release
  • PoC Release
  • Token Generation Event
2018. Q3
  • MITHRIL PLAY CBT (Closed Beta Test)
2018. Q4
  • MITHRIL PLAY Full version
2019. Q1
  • MITHRIL AD-CONSOLE CBT (Closed Beta Test)
2019. Q2
2019. Q3
  • Game Crowdfunding CBT
2019. Q4
  • Game Crowdfunding Full version
  • MTR payment
Token sale

Token Symbol

Total Token Supply

Token Sale

Participating Currency

MTR received for 1 EOS
200,000,000 MTR / Total EOS donated


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What kind of changes is Mithril bringing to the mobile game industry?

Game companies derive profit from the participation of many gamers. Game companies use this profit to advertise new games. In other words, the system was set up irrationally so that the beneficiaries of the profit generated by gamer participation are not the gamers, but advertising companies. Mithril creates advertising profits together with gamers, and shares this profit with gamers. Gamers use this profit to purchase in-game items or participate in the crowdfunding of new games. Eventually, a positive feedback loop is created where the advertising costs paid by game companies is invested back into the game ecosystem. Furthermore, Mithril provides economic compensation to the free users that make up 95% of the game ecosystem, creating a change that can turn such users into paying users.


MITHRIL PLAY is an app for gamers that measures and examines play data to provide compensation. MITHRIL PLAY users become more attractive in the game market as their game data accumulates, and this in turn increases their chances of receiving a special invitation from game companies. This is very similar to the business logic of online job seeking/offering platforms. The MITHRIL PLAY app is expected to be released in the 4th quarter of 2018 in Android app markets globally.

How are gamers and game companies directly connected?

MITHRIL PLAY is a tool to validate a gamer’s value. Through their game experiences recorded in Mithril, gamers can prove their worth as gamers. Based on shared gamer data, game companies can directly invite users of competing games or gamers that have the desired experience. Gamers then receive the chance to voluntarily select a new game with even better conditions.

What are the strengths of the MITHRIL AD-CONSOLE?

Currently, mobile game advertisement solutions hold a critical problem of over-price and ineffectiveness because there is no way for game companies to directly and effectively reach their target gamers. Mithril uses gamer data to provide game companies with accurate audience targeting tools. In particular, as a gamer’s play data is continuously updated, accurate targeting is possible and the effectiveness of advertisements can be greatly increased. Furthermore, as there is no middleman, the Mithril ecosystem creates an environment where any game company can easily reach gamers, resulting in a huge reduction in advertisment costs for game companies.

Who owns gamer data?

The Mithril platform aims to provide a decentralized architecture. As such, the game data of users are recorded in the device of individuals and the blockchain, and is not recorded in Mithril servers. No one other than the user can obtain the user’s data, and Mithril team guarantees that the rights to the data remain entirely with the user.

Where does the compensation for the gamers come from?

Mithril is creating a shared economy ecosystem with gamers. Gamers participate in the Mithril ecosystem by voluntarily sharing data. Mithril creates an advertising profit model by directly connecting game companies with gamers based on verified gamer data, and this profit is shared with the gamers who provide the data.

How are MTP and MTR different?

Mithril Points (MTP) is only used internally by the Mithril platform, and cannot be transferred or used in transactions between users. When Mithril Play users have their game play data verified, they receive MTP as compensation. After 90 days, MTP can be converted to Mithril Tokens (MTR). MTR can be moved outside of the platform and can be used in transactions between individuals.

Is there an exchange rate between MTP and MTR?

There is an exchange rate between MTP and MTR. The exchange rate varies depending on the MTR value, and it is planned on being shared publically through MITHRIL PLAY on a regular basis.

What is MTR used for?

Gamers can liquidate MTR in the future at exchanges or receive rewards (game cash, items) for participating in Mithril game crowdfunding. Game companies can purchase MTR to advertise their games to Mithril Play users. Furthermore, MTR can be used as the usage fee for game statistics services or as the fee for game item transactions.

What is the reason for choosing an EOS blockchain?

If users had to pay a fee whenever they upload an image or change their profile picture, no one would use that service. The Mithril platform uses an EOS blockchain to get rid of user transaction fees and handle transactions quickly. EOS is a smart contract platform for distributed app (DApp) services, and has announced that they have solved the blockchain service usability issues of transaction fees and delays. EOS has businesses with profit models take care of the transaction fees and the service users do not pay any fees. The Mithril team agrees with the direction of EOS. The issues of fees and transactions per second are very important. EOS uses blockchain consensus to use Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) that was introduced by Steem and Bitshare. They announced that the block creation period will be 1~3 seconds, and that it can handle millions of transactions per second.

When will tokens go on sale?

We are currently conducting a private sale. Precise token sale schedules will be announced via the following official Mithril channels.
Website : https://mithrilcoin.io
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mithrilteam
Twitter : https://twitter.com/mithril_team

How many tokens are being sold?

The total number of MTR being issued is 400,000,000. Of these, 200,000,000 (50%) will be sold at the token sale.

What cryptocurrency can be used in the token sale?


What is the price of MTR at the time of the token sale?

Most ICO projects fix their starting price. However, we are not fixing the starting price for MTR and we feel that is only fair to leave it in the hands of the donators. As such, the amount of MTR received for 1 EOS is not fixed, and can change depending on the amount of EOS collected.
(MTR received for 1 EOS = 200,000,000 MTR / Total EOS donated)

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